Dorai’s Gift Guide for Sustainability 2021

Dorai’s Gift Guide for Sustainability 2021

Sustainability is a trendy word in 2021, but for good reason! Environmentally conscious behaviors are becoming an integral part of so many of our lives, so why not shop for gifts that embody those values this holiday season? With many impressive brands emerging in recent years, it's obtainable to have the best of both sustainability and style when it comes to home products! 

This year, we’ve put together a few of our favorite gift ideas for anyone who loves to outfit their home with better options for the planet. 

Bonus tip: Since wrapping gifts often isn’t very sustainable, we also are sharing 3 of our favorite eco-friendly wrapping options here.



Recycled Wine Bottle PlattersWe love these recycled wine bottle platters perfect for serving cheese at our next dinner party.

Dorai Dish Pad: Sick of mildewed dish towels? Meet the Dish Pad. The Dish pad dries instantly thanks to Diomat®, our sustainable combination of diatomaceous earth and recycled paper. Diomat® helps prevent bacteria growth by eliminating the moist environment where mold thrives.

Danish Cast-iron SkilletNon-toxic, non-stick, and long-lasting! Plus, cast iron cookware goes well with any kitchen aesthetic.

Nutr MachineMaking your plant-based milk at home just got so much better! We love being able to ditch the mess and use this simple machine to create the perfect milk blend every time.

Countertop Composting BinWith this countertop composting bin, composting is so much easier! We love that this small bin is conscious of space and won’t distract from our space.

Reusable Paper TowelsKeeping our counters clean and saving the planet while doing it! We love these reusable paper towels available in tons of different patterns. 

Dorai Home's Gift Guide for Sustainability

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