Grocery Haul: Quick & Healthy Food Favorites

Grocery Haul: Quick & Healthy Food Favorites

You may be surprised to learn the Dorai team spends nearly as much time swapping healthy snack and meal ideas, as we do talking about work! Whether it's a food intolerance or just a healthy preference, we often seek store-bought items that appeal to our taste buds and meet our quality ingredient checklist. Mainly, we try to stay away from overly processed foods and seek out ingredients that provide beneficial nutrients and promote gut health versus inflammation.

Summer is infamously chaotic in the kitchen, and who knows what life will be like next fall. Whether you're WFH or homeschooling, it's important to keep the house stocked with satiating snacks and flavorful additions that your stomach will love as much as your taste buds! Read on to discover our tried and true quick and healthy food favorites to add to your grocery list.  


Our Food Faves, the Saucy Edition

Add some flavor, not funky ingredients!


Our Food Faves, Gluten-Free Edition

Full of crunch, without the gluten!


Our Food Faves, Plant-Based Cravings

We all have cravings, sometimes you need to indulge without the tummy ache!

Our Food Faves, for Dairy-Free Sweet Treats

Good-for-you sweets, no sugar rush required!


Our Food Faves, Caffeine-Free Refreshments

Don't want to spike your cortisol? Good call.


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