Transitioning Your Home for Fall, Tips from an Interior Designer

Outside the leaves are changing as the air gets crisp, and we're applying the same changes to our homes. We're doing everything from adding pumpkin spice in our mugs, to incorporating more throws, candles, and natural elements in our living rooms. While we're on the subject, did you check out our healthy pumpkin spice favorites, which is launched last week? 

Today we're turning to the pros and interviewing interior designer Alison Roberts who previously worked for The Black Goose Design and just launched her own agency. She's giving us all her tips for transitioning your home to fall like an interior designer.

Dorai: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into design.

Alison: "My Mom and Dad had rental houses while I was growing up, they worked on these homes just as a side business. They would find these mucky rental houses, and my brothers and I would help in fixing them up to sell, we would clean, paint, fix, tidy, and I fell in love with homes. There is still something fascinating about a good before and after photos of a home!"

 You just made the leap to start your own interior design company, was that exciting, scary, all the above, and what prompted that? 

"I had been working for a brick and mortar Interior Design shop for the past five-years and I loved it! I really like people, and it allowed me to meet new people who would come in the shop and help them in their homes. Slowly, I started to build up my own clientele and began working on large-scale renovations and custom homes.  It was a very natural and authentic progression to moving out on my own."

How would you describe your approach to design or styles that you gravitate towards? 

"I’m very eclectic and like to mix styles. I’ve lived all over the country, Utah, Wisconsin, California, and Oregon! Yet, my degree is in Interior Architectural Design so I have high respect for design principles. I like to gently push my clients to do things a tad out of the box, an unexpected element in the room. While keeping things timeless."

What’s your favorite season to decorate for, and why?

"Hands down FALL! The absolutely best colors you’ve ever laid your eyes upon emerge in the Fall.  I used to shout to my kids in the car, “I want every gold tree”!  It's still one of our family jokes!  Give me all the gold leaves, deep amber grasses, rust in the mountains, sage green hill tops, lavender bushes, and all the earth-tones!"

What are 3-5 must-have pieces for decorating your home for fall?

"Maple leaves, vanilla candles, gold tray, white vase (to hold the Maple leaves), table runner."

What space within the house would you start with first when transitioning from summer to fall?

"Entry and Kitchen table."

What’s your favorite storage tip for easily organizing and accessing decor for different seasons without creating more clutter?

"Storage bins labeled with FALL DECOR, keep it to only one bin."

Is there a color palette or certain textures you prefer to use this time of year?

"My home is very neutral with whites and creams….so my decor, even seasonally, is typically whites and creams with one accent color. For the season Fall, I will add gold."

How do you stay inspired?

"I like to travel and see NEW things! Changing up my environment helps me the very most! I’ll specifically drive 30 minutes out of my way (to a nearby town)  to get a change in the scenery and hope I’ll spot something inspiring! I love the outdoors too!"

Is it difficult to bring unique and original aspects to each project with the abundance of similarity you see on social media?

"I’m not a big believer that great design comes from social media nor are my clients, they want something unique and special to them and their home."

What is your must-have Dorai product for the house year-round?

"Dorai Dish Pad + Rack! I want every client to have one!"

Is there a design trend that you’re sick of that you have to gracefully advise clients against?

"Only using white and grey in a house. It's very trendy and is already going out of style. All the warmer woods and warmer wood tones are back!"

Is there a fall trend you don’t love and should be retired?

"Anything with candy corn! Candy corn wreath, candy corn in a jar, candy corn pillow etc.. you get the idea :-)!"

Is there a good place people can follow you and learn more about you? 

I’m working on my new website, which I’ll have up and running in 30 days. For now, please send questions and inquiries to!


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